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by myulsoundsystem

カテゴリ:Club - Melbourne( 63 )

Record shop statas in Melb.

KETSURON: TOKYO yori tyotto osoi...

I went to record shop "Central station".
looks like "Technique". but line-ups are same as other small shop.

until yesterday, I found Kriece's EP, some MOS's remix work...etc.
they're both Hard-to-find in tokyo(may be).

REAL newest music always comes from the night club...

...te iuka
SAKE jikan wo kinisezu NOMITAI...(><).
by myulsoundsystem | 2005-06-02 14:38 | Club - Melbourne

Syrup Lounge @thirsday

Syrup lounge is a MOST NEARest lounge from my stay.
It takes 1~2minute by foot!

Yesterday I went to there with my staymate
EMMA(she's from china, and studies at same school).
there ware only 4~6 people. may be all of them ware local people.

but... It didn't matter to me (< quite OZ expression).
It was Thirsday, not weekend!

I tried to ask DJ.
"Do you know any good record shop?"

DJ Warry and (girl, maybe his manager)Gemma wrote me some shop's names, adresses, and map!

I talked and drunked free chanpagne(!!) with them...
thank you for having a good time with you!

they 'll send me his mix cd.
(demo senkyoku ga nanka chotto furuppoi kanji de amma... honne ha nihongo de kakuni kagirune...)

AMAZON associate banner was found by exbolg staff!
so my Link ware dissappeard for 2 or 3day.
Today I correct this.
I 'll say GOMENNNASAI to people linked to my blog!

Today I book Hair salon at 4pm.
so, I have a time.

I'll go to record shop from now.

"My EP"...please wait me at record shop (^^;)
by myulsoundsystem | 2005-05-27 13:39 | Club - Melbourne

"Body and soul"

Yesterday I went to Plahran.
It's 3rd train station from the city(and also 3rd station from nearest station of my stay, Baraclava).

I went to one record shop"Body and soul".
shopstaff ware very kind to me...
(may be He thought I 'm very young asian girl...)
"Another turntables are there. Please use if you listen it!"
Thank you for your kindness!
But...any newest record waren't there.
I want to listen Bordar community's new vinyl, and so on.

I try to find another record shop"Capital DJ", is also at Plahran, this weekend...or ask him from now on.
Everything is trying for me.

I'll go to both Deep Dish and Danny Howells Party at Melbourne.
I' ve already got tickets!
Both are very expensive but I'm happy!!

Please wait my Report (in Japanese...).
by myulsoundsystem | 2005-05-25 14:07 | Club - Melbourne